Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Time Tunnel

I do have a few questions and concerns about the time tunnel that the Dinosaur Train goes through to travel through time.
When it comes to the possibility of time travel, for us humans, as techie and as knowledgeable as we are, time travel is still something that we have only began to look into. IT would take soo much power like the explosion of a few supa novas just to power it up. And the consequences of time travel, as anything you do or touch to alter the past, will have a dramatic changing effect on the future. The chaos of meeting up with your former self would cause a major disruption of the time space continum and the whole planet would just explode.
All of history as we know it would be altered to great extremes that would result in chaos, confusion, and major catastrophies. Technically upon the Dinosaur Train taking is dino passengers through the time tunnel from the Cretaceous, to the Jurassic is causing major problems. Dinos that are meant to live in one time period, are being brought to a future time period, where the changes in the world may make it difficult for the dinos in the past time period to survive. If the dino only ate specific foods, maybe those foods are no longer available in the future time period. Sure life had evolved and changed to new life forms, but there is a reason for that. As the world changed, life needed to change into new forms to make living in that time period possible. Although think of the problems if a dino's home was mostly in a dessert area, and suddenly it was taken to an area with lots of plants, flowers growing everywhere. Would it adapt to it's newly changed surroundings? Would the temperature and climate be suitable for that dino to live in?
These and many other questions are thought of in terms of time traveling. And with all the possibilties of it becoming possible, to travel in the past, and the future, the thought is not whether or not it can be done, but rather if it should be done. Even if movies show the possibility of time travel, it's only a movie, and making it become a reality would be a facinating thing, but are we ready for the results of what may happen to our world as we know it.
Sure, if time travel was possible, you could go and see a live dinosaur, a famous person, even a long lost ancestor of your family. But would you tell them that you were from the future? Another thought of time travel would be if you brought things from the future and took them to the past. Like if you decided to take a high tech computer, a dvd player, or even something modern and traveled 100 years ago. Would you be able to do it, what would be the results of having these technological wonders to be introduced 100 years ago to see how far it would progress and develop. So in a nutshell, time travel may not be that far off, but it shouldn't be used, as there may be some things not full understood about it, and needs further investigating. We may understand the results, but would it be worth changing and altering history as we know it, just to acomplish a different outcome or to correct our mistakes made?

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