Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Dinosaur Train

I find it awkward that even though the Dinosaur train runs on steam, the fire needed to heat up the water  in the boiler is usually fed coal.  And how is it possible for the train to run with dino passengers weighing several tons, let alone extremely large in size? You figure that the train would have to be much, much bigger and able to support all that extra weight.  I guess it was just the way the train was made and it can handle it all. But I figure that Mr. Troodon has it all worked out somehow.

Mr. Troodon and Ms. Oryctodromeus.

I was watching Dinosaur Train this morning, and while on the train, Mr. Troodon had blushed when he came across a female Oryctodromeus. Seems like he has a crush on her and she likes him as well, and maybe they're starting a relationship. Oh that's clever, as most likely, a male dinosaur would fall in love with a female dinosaur of it's own species. On the other hand, love is blind.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dinosaur Train book and Dinosaur Train the show

It might be just a big coincedence, but I once noticed that the results of searching for Dinosaur Train tv show products had led to a result of a book by Mr. Gurney called Dinosaur Train. (Not the Gurney who created Dinotopia, as that confused me) Supposedly the book is about a litte boy who loved dinosaurs and trains and takes a magical journey on a Dinosaur Train, as the passengers, conductor are all dinosuars, with a water car for the Elasmosaurus. By having a sample looking at all the different cars on the train, they look similar to the Dinosaur Train from the tv show. Although the book version doesn't go through a time tunnel. Was the tv show Dinosaur Train based on the book of the same title? Probably not.