Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dinosaur Train Halloween special

Leave it up to the creators to have the Dinosaur Train celebrate Halloween.
What a fun concept as everyone rode the train to the Main station, where the train gets turned around. Mr. Troadon (The Conductor) was dressed up as a vampire dino and guied the dinos through a haunted tour of the station. There were spider webs all over that was made by a real spider (very catchy, and spiders were around even at the time of dinosaurs) Various treats were offered during the tour for which Tank the Triceratops had consumed alot of. They made a new friend, a Volaticotherium which was from the Jurassic and was nocturnal. He resembled a flying squirrel and was a mammal. Now the other special had involved a trip to the great pond at night for the celebration of the autumn equinox. The Lambeousaurs family had celebrated this by decorationg the area with Gourds (which are fruit and not a vegetable) So they all went onto the Dinosaur Train to the big pond to enjoy Mr. Lambeosauru's surprise. A large pumpkin patch for eveyone to pick their own pumpkin and carve it.
Then the whole main celebration was there as the orange harvest moom began to rise and Mr. Lambeosaurus had lifted up his carved pumpkin and let the moon's rays shine through it making the pumpkin shine. Ohhhhhh.
I admit that I enjoy looking at the full moon in a night sky and sometimes it looks orange. But because of a certain atmosphere condtion in the sky, it tend to give off the illumination of the moon looking bigger and I loved that. One thing I have to question is that did they have Gourds and Pumpkins back in the Cretaceous period? The show is supposed to be educational and that stupid informer guy comes out to give an important fact. Yeah Dinosaurs didn't celebrate Halloween, but maybe they didn't have gourds back then either as I had looked it up. It seems that the first mention of pumpkins was back 5,000 years in Mexico. Over all it's a fun holiday episode.

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