Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pterasaurs were dinosaurs

it was stated as a fact that Pterasaurs we not dinosaurs, as Dr. Scott and that point of fact guy had said. Well I'm afraid that I have to disagree with that. I have to say that Pterasaurs were more bird-like. Have a look at the Pteranadon family, as their home is a nest located high ontop of a cliff, made of twigs, sticks, etc exactly like the way birds build their nest today, and the high up location makes it a great safe home to be protected against preditors. Another factor is that Pterasaurs have the ability to fly, as their bones in their arms are strong and hallow, just like bones in a bird. And you can't mistake the bird-like appearance of the beak as well. Now in terms of them being a flying repitle or flying lizard, I have a difference in opinion on that. Today, there are flying lizards, but they tend to climb to the edge of a branch and their webbed skin enabels them to glide from one branch to another. In a sense, if they were flying, they would be on the ground, flap their wings and get a running start and go up into the air and stay there for as long as they want, gliding only lasts a few seconds, and this is done at high places, not on  the ground.
            In an episode, Tiny's Tiny doll, as she lost her Tiny doll during their Dinosaur train tour, there was  a very large  pterosaur called Zhejiangopterus named Ziggy, who helped to deliver Tiny's lost Tiny doll to Laura the Gigantosaurus. have a closer look at his collar as it's covered in feathers,  is there a flying reptile that has feathers? Yes they are birds and birds are desendents of dinosaurs. And Pterasaurs flew into the air from the ground, and they didn't have to get to a high cliff or branch to start their flight. I'm not a professtion, but just have different opinions about certain things, and I can't begin to tell you how I was harshly critisized on my thoughts that Pteresaurs were dinosaurs. Firstly, one of the guy palentologists at the Dinosaur Walk Museum had critisized me, as well as the natural history museum. But interesting enough, on one visit, as I was explaining my argument with them, it was later on, when I was having my lunch in the museum's cafeteria dining room, that one of the guy palentologists had ran to me when he saw me. He told me that he was looking all ove the museum for me and told me excitedly that although he liked the way I thought, he told me I was still wrong. But hold on, when it comes to dino discoveries, they don't have all the answers either. Dr. Scott had mentioned during his lecture on his discovery of the Cosmoceratops (the mayor of Laramidia), that he didn't know what all the horns going around the sides of the frill were used for, not to mention that when he explained the fossil of the T-rex, he wasn't sure what those tiny fore arms were used for, but one paleontoligist said that those arms were used as a tickle type of thing when he was mating with a female t-rex to get her interested in him.
Who knows.
      I'm not a profestional, but have a difference in opinion on things. We know what we know about animals and living things, as they are still roaming around and living today. But dinosaurs once lived and died out leaving only fossil remians and fragments behind for ust to find. Can you really get all the info about dinosaurs from just the fossils alone. Sure we would know the basics of wether it was a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivorus. But there's still lots to discover and learn and dino facts are changing all the time. And have a look at all the dino products and toys, you'll probably find a pterasaur figure  in a pack of dinosaur toys, games, stories, but does that mean they have to change their label to read flying reptile just because there's a pterasaur in a pack of dinosaur plastic figures or toys? In my opinion, it's just Dino-discrimination, as within alot of dinosaur exhibits, animatronic shows, etc, that they figure because it's not a dinosaur, it should be not included or seperated or excluded from the dinosaur subject or topic. Well I say that all Pterasaurs in any form should be included and or part of all dinosaur things, reguardless, as they were part of pre-history and lived with other dinos as well. So why shouldn't they be included, as if a dinosaur exhibit or product had pterasaurs in it, it should still be called dinosaurs, not dinosaur and flying reptile. And I have  to say that in the general appearace of Pterasaurs, they looked more like the early development of birds and lots of features and characteristics that birds have, even if they didn't have feathers.