Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dinosaur Train Performing Live thought

As popular as the show is on tv, they could make a live version of the show performed on stage. I had a dream about this once. The stage would have one multiple scene of the Pterandon terrace with the nest, bushes, flowers, etc. Then they would probably have large walk around dino characters for scenes on where the Pteranadon family go to for their trip. It would be mixed in with a giant screen for the scenes of the dinosaur train traveling throught the time tunnel and such.
So it would probably be a combo of puppets, walk around costumes, and scenes of the show displayed on the big screen to cover the show. And maybe afterwards during the intermission you would get souveniers of dino flashlights, hats, clothings, videos, and cd sountracks. Perhaps they may offer a live photo opp with the Dinosaur train characters as a fun souvenier to remember the great show by. I've seen the Walking with Dinosaur's Live show, and they did a great job, but sometimes you figure that if a show about dinos is popular on tv, it's gotta be dino-mite upon performing live on stage.
And guarantee that the tickets will be sold out and the place will be packed with tons of kids and adults to enjoy the show.

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