Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun Dinosaur Train product thought

During the summer whenever I catch up with the ice cream truck, with all the pictures of all the different cartoon character themed frozen treats, I started to think that maybe they would sell Dinosaur Train frozen treats. Mostly it would be either a fruity sorbet frozen treat that would look like your favorite Dinosaur Train character on a stick with a round colorful candy for the eye. Then although it may be pricey, upon buying one of the  frozen treats, depending on which character you choose, you would get a fun mini colorful poster of that character i.e. Buddy. Maybe it could be also be in the form of one of those fun frozen push pops with fun dino flavors. It hasn't been done, and chances are because of this blog, I may have spoiled or ruined their plans to do so. But you figure with the popularity of the show, anything is possible.

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