Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tank Triceratops

One of my favorite dinosaurs is the Tri-ceratops. So the Pteranadon family travels to Cretaceous time period to see Mrs. Triceratops, her son Tank at the trainstation as they were invited to Mrs. Pteranadon's home for lunch. Since Tank was a herbavore, he practically bulldozed through the bushes consuming tons of leaves. Concerned that he might ruin the area, everyone took a train trip to the big pond. Tank really enjoyed himself there. Tank is one of those characters I can relate to as he's always hungry and ready to eat the green vegitation. Although Tiny tried to get Tank to eat a fish, since it was her fav, Tank however spat it out as he didn't eat fish. Buddy even tried to eat leaves, but found it hard with his teeth, as he's a carnivore and his teeth were meant to eat meat.
Somehow when Tank smiles, it's one of those expressions that will make you smile, as he seems like a fun dino. His mom Mrs. Triceratops has a nice smile as well. But what got me was that within one episode when Mrs. Triceratops gave birth to a few baby Triceratops, the baby Triceratops sounded just like a human baby. I don't think that baby dinos sounded like human babies, as they may have made little grunts or squeek-type noises.

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