Monday, April 8, 2013

Dinosaur Train book and Dinosaur Train the show

It might be just a big coincedence, but I once noticed that the results of searching for Dinosaur Train tv show products had led to a result of a book by Mr. Gurney called Dinosaur Train. (Not the Gurney who created Dinotopia, as that confused me) Supposedly the book is about a litte boy who loved dinosaurs and trains and takes a magical journey on a Dinosaur Train, as the passengers, conductor are all dinosuars, with a water car for the Elasmosaurus. By having a sample looking at all the different cars on the train, they look similar to the Dinosaur Train from the tv show. Although the book version doesn't go through a time tunnel. Was the tv show Dinosaur Train based on the book of the same title? Probably not.

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