Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dinosaur train at Sesame Place thought

I often thought that because the dinosaur train helps the dinos get around, maybe it could help people get around. There's a place for kids called Sesame Place, and by the sounds of it, although it's for kids, they should include the dinosaur train as a way to get around the park with ease. If the kids would want to stay, the train would go through a simulated time tunnel with colorful lights, and on the other side, would be where the train would stop. Probably at some type of dinosaur junction, where the kids could meet up with the Pteranadon family and go into their large nest and have their photo taken. For a fun thing, they would have a fun fossil digging within a large sand area, and a probably an indoor place where kids can interact and learn all sorts of things about dinosaurs. Maybe someone looking like Dr. Scott the Paleontologist would be there to greet the kids and answer their questions about dinosuars. Oh there probably would be a dino themed restaurant or cafeteria for the kids to go and eat at.

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