Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinosaur Train soft cover book

Upon ordering a few things at Amazon, I had to even out the balance to my gift cards. It's one of those things where you have to get the total amount of what's on your cards, including the tax, shipping,etc it all has to be the total amount. I had a few dollars left and I had shopped for a few things for about a few bucks. One of the things I chose was a soft cover book of the show Dinosaur Train. The tittle of this book is "I'm A T-rex." Buddy, is in search of discovering what kind of species of dinosaur he is. His mom, Mrs. Pteranadon, and his brothers and sisters, Tiny, Shiny, and Don all go on a trip on the Dinosaur Train. Mrs. Pteranadon then suggest that they stop at Tyrannosaurus Station for lunch and explore the place. There they see Mrs. Tyannosaurus and her daughter Annie, a young T-rex about Buddy's age. Immediately Buddy and Annie become fast friends, and Buddy discovers that Annie looks like him and learns that he's a T-rex. Buddy learns that he's a carnivore and eats carrion or meat, and lots of it. Althought his Pteranadon family only eats fish. Overall it's a great book and the characters are all CGI images from the show. I had gotten an e-mail from Amazon sayoing that my order was going to be delayed, as they had problems getting my ordered items from the suppliers. I guess that the show must be very popular and the merchandise is almost impossible to find, let alone the books. I guess that I lucked out in getting the book instead of searching all over the book stores to find one. You never know just how popular these things can become. I enjoy the book.

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