Thursday, January 28, 2010

A dream I had years ago about the show

I once had this dream a few years ago about the show being promoted in a mall and it was very strange and seemed very real. There was a booth that looked like the Dinosaur Train, selling official Dinosaur Train merchandise and the show was available on DVD for the first time ever, and it was being shown on a tv set at the booth for the people to get a sample of what the show was like. Now the dream I had about this promotion had three different outcomes. One such outcome was that I was wearing a t-shirt I made of my copyrighted dinosaur characters, and as I walked passed by the booth, a hand had suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder and as I was pulled back. Then I heard a man say “Now hold on there partner, what’s your hurry, come on back here for a moment.” It was the Troadon Mr. Conductor as he wanted to check out my t-shirt and was pleased and impressed that I was a dinosaur fanatic, but an argument occurred, since he saw that one of my characters was a Pteranadon and told me that it wasn’t a dinosaur. I tried to explain my reason for the character but it didn’t work out very well. Then, the next outcome of the dream had showed that the Pteranadon family was made into walk around costume character form, and I think that Mrs. Pteranadon saw me and my dino shirt and didn’t want me to leave, as I was told by a guy that worked the booth. All I remember was that I sat down on a bench and she sat down next to me wanting to know more about the dinos on my t-shirt that I made.
As I explained all this to her, I remember that suddenly Mr. Pteranadon had come out of the back door of the booth and saw me with Mrs. Pteranadon. He had come to me and pushed me away, thinking I was coming onto his wife. But I wasn’t doing that, but explaining to her about my dinos and who they were, and she just got curious and wanted to know more info about them. I also do remember that the young Pteranadon kids were there as well and Buddy had a great big smile when he saw me and the dino t-shirt I made for myself and just ran up to me as if he was wanted to know who I was. I also vaguely remember something in the dream about after I told Mrs. Pteranodon and her family about my dinos, everyone else in the booth was fascinated with my dinos and the story behind them. However, the head guy who probably created the series had had a look on his face that was not very pleasing, as maybe he got mad at me for creating something that sounded better than his show, or maybe that one of my dinos may have closely resembled something he created in the past. I doubt that though, but it was only a dream I had and it may not even be true. Hopefully that because I had written this down that I didn’t spoil or ruin any future plans the studio had to promote the show. Another outcome of the dream had featured me telling Mrs. Pteranadon about my book I made about my dinos, and had showed her an illustrated story book I made about them. It was fascinating to them, however I do remember that she said that she thought that my dinos were more geared for adults than children and she told me to “shoo shoo, go away.” It may have been just a dream, however it all seemed very real to me.

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