Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinosaur Train Pbskids show

As a lover of dinosaurs, I often get enjoyment from watching the PBS kids show Dinosaur Train. Interesting that it stars a Pteranadon Family with Mr. and Mrs. Pteranadon as the mother and father, and their three young Pteranadon kids Tiny, Shiny and Don. And the mother had decided to adopt a mysterious dinosaur egg, which turned out to be a young baby Tyrannosaurs Rex, who’s name is Buddy.
During the episodes, the Pteranadon family take a journey on the dinosaur train, where a Troadon named Mr. Conductor often meets up with the young Pteranadons to answer various questions about dinosaurs that they are curious about. What makes the dinosaur train special is that it takes a magical journey through a time tunnel, which takes them back millions of years to various stops where many various dinosaur’s live. As an ultimatum, this is a great way for Buddy and his friends to get up close and learn about the dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic, Triassic, and Creataceous and Mesazoic time periods.
I do get the enjoyment of watching the adventures the Pteranadon family have and how much they all learn about the dinosaurs that lived back then. Most likely during their trip they have a specific purpose for going on their trips like seeing a special dinosaur event, fun gathering, or just going to the beach to get themselves fish for their meal. Each of the dinosaurs they meet have a very unique personality and characteristics. You can just smile when you see Buddy, as he explores his wonders and creates hypothosis and learns what the dinosaurs do and why they do it. Sometimes they all have fun, like riding on the head of a Brachiosaurus during a race, and getting a great scenic view as well, or making friends with some of the other younger dinosaurs they meet. I was surprised that Buddy didn’t realize that he was A Tyrannosaurus Rex, until he met up with Annie and her mom. Buddy learned he and Annie were very much alike as they both had very sharp teeth, very small hands, and a great sense of smell. And naturally Buddy preferred the taste of Carrion or the remains of other dead dinosaurs as apposed to eating fish. I guess that since the fish were very bony that it would be difficult for Buddy to consume.
Interesting that the other dinosaurs were given very colorful features on their skin, and the Veloceraptors (known for their giant sharp claw on their foot to hunt) had feathers to enable them to run fast. In Jurassic Park, I’ve noticed that the Veloceraptors didn’t have feathers on their skin. But the cool thing was with the Corythosaurus, and the ability to make sound with the crest bone on their head, as the nasal passages pass through it. I can understand that it was used to alert other Corythosaurus of their presence or communicate, but I don’t know about making music. But I’ve noticed that in Jurassic Park 3 that Dr. Allen Grant had studied the nasal passages of dinosaurs and carved out a passage on a dinosaur head sculpture he made to look like a flute or something you blow into to create the sound of what that dino sounded like. Now that was cool!! Of course the interesting episode is when the Pteranadon kids learn about dinosaur poop. They took a trip to meet up with Ned a Brachiosaurus who went to visit his parents . They spent a fun day playing games, and then Tiny began to do her little dance to indicate that she really needed to use the bathroom. Naturally she felt uncomfortable about doing her business in some strange place, and then Buddy re-assured her that she will keep guard to make sure that nobody sees her while she’s doing her business. Buddy had advised Tiny to go behind those large stack of boulders to do her business, which in reality was Brachiosaurus poop, and it was huge.
Still, out of all the dinosaurs, I still get enjoyment of the Triceratops, and within one of the trips, they meet up with a young boy Tri-ceratops who is friendly and is herbavoraceous or has a huge appetite of eating green plants. Man you should’ve seen him eat, as he just plowed through a thick bushel of green bushes and leaves with no problem. He also proved that because of his huge shaped head and three horns, he was able to assist the young Pteranadons to scare off a bully Velocerator who was always showing off and making the young Pteraadons look bad. What a great way to defend oneself from preditors.
Now I’m not sure about this, but I think that the show had aired previously in the mid to late 1990’s but didn’t really catch on, as I may have remembered the show being promoted with Welch’s jelly jars as something collectable. It's a dinomite show to watch.

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