Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dr Scott at the end of each episode

At the end of each episode, Dr Scott usually is seen with a nice large full sized drawing of the dinosaur that was featured in today's episode. As he gives his presention and tells kids some important facts on the dinosaur, sometimes you hear the sound of a doorbell, and then a door opens which reveals another man who usually says "Point of Fact." Which I think is really stupid. And then he usually corrects Dr. Scott of what he had said to the children. Is Dr. a real Paleontologist? Well, I had spoken to an official curator at our local museum, and he was highly educated and knowledgeable about the history of the area as well as the dinos and fossils he had on display. He told me that if he says things during his presentation like "We're Not Sure." "We Guess." or "We Think."
Then you may question his knowledge. So He may be a paleontologist or just an actor. Funny though that the Dinosaur Train runs on coal which is fossil fuel and made by dead decayed dinos. And the Pteranadons didn't get their fish by diving into the water, as it would be very difficult for them to fly out. Mostly they just flew really close to the water and scooped up the fish with their beaks. Most raptor birds don't go into the water to get fish, but just either grab it with their tallons, or scoop it up with their beak like a pelican. Of course the only exceptions are the King fisher bird, and Penguins, but they don't fly in the air at all. Now, I've noticed that Dr. Scott's presentations are only shown after the first episode only, and after the second episode, they show a Dinosaur train song video.

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