Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another weird Dinosaur Train dream I had

All I remember from this dream, was that for some reason I was riding on the dinosaur train, I don't know where I was going to. There was a scene where I had gotten separated with the Pteranadon family and Mr. Conductor on some type of shopping trip to a indoor flea market. I had then realized that I was separated from the group and ran like crazy trying to find them. It was no use and I was stranded and alone and didn't have a ride to go home. However as I was walking to a nearby trainstation, I began to see Buddy and all the rest of the dinos, who had helped me by building a dinosaur train and I got on for a ride of a lifetime to get home. The only thing was that the train was going very fast and in the opposite direction. Talk about a weird dream, but I was watching my Dinosaur Train DVD that has 8 episodes. Basically I was only watching a few episodes per day. Now that was one weird dino dream.

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