Thursday, April 24, 2014

I bought a Dinosaur Train DVD

during a grocery shopping trip at Super Stop and shop, one of my favorite places to shop at, but don't have one nearby, I was looking through their DVD bin to see if they had any interesting DVD's to buy. The had a Dinosaur Train DVD titled "Big, Big Dinosaurs." And it was on sale. Each of the episodes taught about the more larger long necked dinos like Argentinasuarus, Diplodicus, etc. But one of the main reasons I  bought this DVD was it had the episode "Dinosaur Poop!" Yeah, all dinosaurs pooped, and their fossils are called Coperlite, fortunately it's come a fossil and doesn't stink, but contains the remains of what the dinos ate. The story involves a trip to see Ned the Brachiosaurus as he's having some kind of fun family day with games, food, and fun. The pteranadon family have lots of fun playing games with Ned and his family, but the fun stops when Tiny does her Tiny dance, as she has to go  to the bathroom. So Buddy tells Tiny to go behind large green boulders to poop. However those large green boulders were giant sized Brachiosaurus poop. Oh my gosh, no way, they were really huge! There was no place for them to go to poop, so they just pooped where ever they were. Their poop was soo green as the Brachiosaurus were herbivores and only ate the green leaves. But wait a moment, what if Ned needs to poop while riding the Dinosaur Train? He's too  big to fit in the train's restroom. So  maybe he sticks his dino butt outside the train window and poops? What about  the other larger dinos on the train, where can they poop as they are also too big to fit in the restroom, do they just poop where they are? Mr. Troadon will have a lot to clean up after each train run or make a  large bathroom. 

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